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Custom Art


Your custom watercolour piece will be matted in an 11x14" white mat.

Timeline to be discussed.




Unique Art


Your custom watercolour piece will be matted in an 8x10" white mat.

Timeline to be discussed



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Let 's Work Together!

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What are the size options?

S I Z E O P T I O N S : 5"x7” OR 8"x10” * They are delivered matted in a white mat. No other size options are available at this time.

Will my piece come in a frame?

The pieces are not framed, but are delivered matted with white matting. These are often gifts, and my clients prefer to choose their own framing that matches their decor. Note: When matted - a 5"x7" needs an 8"x10" frame. The 8"x10" needs an 11"x14" frame.

How does the process work?

A painting based on something real will require multiple images in natural light, if possible, to get as much accurate detail as possible. Please send images to Please select clear images that are well-lit. A P P R O V A L S : I will send an approval before finishing touches to add details if they’re missing. I will be in contact throughout if I need more information in either question form or need more photos to get more details. This is a project we work on together.

F I N A L D E L I V E R Y : Artwork will be available for pickup with a pre-determined time. If artwork needs to be shipped, additional shipping charges will need to be covered by the client.

How long does it take for my commissioned piece to be completed?

When an order is placed, a timeline will be discussed depending on the volume of current projects, and/or the complexity of the requested piece .

Can I get my piece made into a t-shirt / mug / tote bag?

Please contact to inquire if services are available for what you’re looking for and a personal quote.

How Commissioned Art Works