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Creating an authentically personalized experience to celebrate your love story.


A unique and intimate way to celebrate your wedding, Elopements authentically highlight the love between you and your partner. The day becomes

hyper-focused on you, the couple, capturing your style, spirit and love, creating an experience celebrating YOU rather than focusing on the conventional guest experience that a traditional wedding would encompass. Leave that anxiety and stress behind, invite 25 or less of your most favourite people

(or don’t!) and create a day truly celebrating the union of you and your lifetime partner!

The Face Behind The Lens

Hello!! - I’m just your average gal who prefers to work (when at home) in her pj’s vs getting dressed, loves devouring a good pizza, sitting outside enjoying a coffee, hikes in the woods and snuggles from my French bulldog, Guacamole.


I also LOVE love and creativity. I love that we are all unique in our own magical state of being, and have wanted to capture the authentic spirit of a couple in a way that the checklist of a traditional wedding does not allow. The idea of Elopements has been stuck in my head, with most visions of Elopements being in exotic places, however, now is the time to break that barrier with full realization that  they can be anything and anywhere you want them to be, including in your own backyard.


The thought of Elopements feeds my creative soul and makes me, both, giddy and excited!  Let’s take the opportunity to conceptualize a truly unique experience that captures the heart and soul of your relationship. 

Ashley Marie


Your day can be anything you want it to be.

The following are samples to get your creative juices flowing to begin creating your very own unique and authentic celebration of your love!



Sample 1

`For a go-with-the-flow, adventurous couple, why not begin the day getting ready in separate rooms at a cozy Bed & Breakfast. Have a special reveal moment where you can fully embrace and experience an intimate moment of appreciation for each other.

When you’re ready, let’s hit the road to some awesome locations and explore! You both decide when it is the right place and time that day to be married. Doesn’t get more romantic and adventurous than that! You will exchange rings while saying your vows, amongst the backdrop of your choosing (field, forest, lake side, etc.).  Once you’re married, have a toast to your love with a picnic basket packed with your favourite snacks and drinks!


** Would need an ordained friend/family member OR get married first at City Hall.


Sample 2

If you’re a city slicker at heart and love your city or town, why not embrace what you love and incorporate it into a magical day! Get ready in your hotel suite, capturing intimate moments helping each other get dressed to look perfect in your wedding attire. 

When you’re ready, we can hit the town and photograph at some of the most cool urban locations that capture your spunk and personality. Maybe even stop at your favourite coffee shop for a treat along the way!

Meet up with your 20 closest family and friends, get married on a rooftop, then head on over to your favourite pub (maybe the place of your first date) to celebrate with your favourite people, food and drink! 


Sample 3

Perhaps you’re a couple who LOVES to camp - why not roll with that? Let’s get ready and meet on a path with your dogs for an intimate first reveal! Allowing yourselves that special moment to take each other in and appreciate the moment.

We can adventure along the trails stopping where the scenery/moment hits! Maybe even hop on a boat on the water and get magical photos of the two of you - fishing! End the day back at your camp site with your 10 closest family and friends being married in front of the campfire.

Then celebrate by dining on delicious BBQ followed by s’mores for dessert as you listen to your brother play the guitar around the fire. 



Sample 4

You can start your day with having your hair and makeup done, then relax as we capture some intimate and authentic moments of you in your comfy areas of your home.

When the time is right, help each other get ready and we will head on over to the library and get married in your favourite section, followed by romantic photos around your library.

After photos, head back home to have dinner with your immediate family, prepared by a private chef. 


Sample 5

Maybe you’re a couple who grew up in the same city/town and want to pay homage to the environment that brought you two together. You each get ready at your parents homes (the very homes you grew up in) with your family to help you look perfect!

Have a backyard wedding by the tree you use to sit by and steal kisses when your parents weren’t looking and surrounded by the families that raised you.

Lets have a list of meaningful places throughout your relationship to commemorate your history of love. - The bleachers you sat on paying more attention to each other than the game in front of you, the place of your first date, the location where you first held hands.

Head home, where your parents have made a spread of your favourite dishes growing up (there is nothing like a mothers cooking!).  

Your day can be ANYTHING you want to make it!
Let your imagination soar!


My assistance in helping plan your elopement in the form of brainstorming outside the box ideas for your unique elopement concept.
>>This may even be one of my favourite parts!<<

Creating and developing a timeline for your unique experience. You don’t need to stress and do it all on your own - I am here to take the burden off of your shoulders and help create a timeline to get the best  results with ease, having been creating wedding day timelines for almost 10 years now!

Location research and selection. Photography is all about the use of light. Depending on the time of day, a location could be harsh  or it could be magical. Let’s work together to best choose locations + times that will not only make the photos magical, but the experience as well! 

If your elopement will be around my local area, I can assist with vendor referrals, from my favourite vendors to work with.

You will receive a custom USB with a carefully curated collection of digital images from your wedding day, fully edited in my photographic style. This will give you the ability to print however many photos you want, whenever or wherever you’d prefer!

WHAT's included


• Timeline creation + advice

• Location scouting


• Virtual meeting

• Help brainstorming ideas for the perfect elopement


• Custom USB with printing rights

• Travel Cost included

Local Elopements starting at $1800

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