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How it all began...

... life is a constant journey made up of events, that led me to a career I am passionate about.


Upon graduating college in both, Graphic Design and Photography, I was applying to numerous design firms across the country, trying to land a forever career- because that is what I thought I was supposed to do (graduate High School, go to College, get a career). It wasn’t until the tragic passing of my best friend that I realized life is more than a 9-5 career and I decided to travel to feed my soul! 


I utilized my photography education (since I didn’t have the money to travel) and applied as a ship photographer for Royal Caribbean. I got the position, sailed the Caribbean and ignited my passion for photography realizing a 9-5 career for the rest of my life would kill my creative soul.


From that point on I knew I was going to start my own photography business, live my creative passion and my version of success.

Today my brand has expanded beyond just photography to include my graphic design and artist skills. I am happy to say I have created my brand and hustled my way to having a successful career and am living my passion. I love my life and am incredibly grateful for the beautiful clients that help make it all possible! 

Ashley Marie


I'm just your quirky creative soul who functions on doggy snuggles (from my frenchie named Guacamole), coffee and carbs! I am more of a night owl who doesn't typically get out of bed until 8:00 AM. Lucky for me, Guac loves to sleep in too!

Reading, dancing, road trips and laughing are a few of my other favourite things! I have two plants that I've named Willard and Wilma, in the hopes that humanizing will help me keep them alive (send us all your prayers). 

I am excited and passionate about my career, and cannot wait to work with you on your project! 

Let's have fun!


Hello! I am Guacamole, Chief Morale Officer of Ashley Marie Creative Studios... AKA - I work for my mom. 

I love to snuggle my mom while she works hard on your projects, ensuring she is the happiest she can be while working! Sometimes, when she needs a good laugh, I stick my head into the whole of a cat toy, blinding myself while I bump into everything. This is always a great way to boost moral! 

I enjoy being the little spoon, sleeping in and eating food. In fact - I live by the rule of try everything once.. and sometimes 2 or 3 times (even after mom has ruined my fun and dug things out of my mouth saying "Don't eat that it is bad for you!"). I prefer to play fetch and hate going on walks (Mom has coined the phrase "Guac don't walk"), though mom has tried, I will refuse to move, plant myself on the ground until she carries me home.

I LOVE humans, and I am most certain you will love me too!




Chief Moral officer 

Let 's Work Together!

NEW BRUNSWICK  |  Tel: 506 . 325 . 0243

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