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What are Branded Graphics?

Graphics created to align with your unique business branding and are recognizable as your brand. It simply isn’t enough to whip up something basic to post to social media and have it lost amongst the hodgepodge of posts. Branded graphics help you to level up and stand out to become recognizable.


benefits of using branded graphics:


Improve brand recognition and visibility. Content shared across various channels should be cohesive to your brand so that your followers instantly recognize it as yours. This will allow followers to remember your brand and story more easily.


Cohesive look. First impressions matter! Clients are more likely to gravitate toward a more professional-looking brand presenting content that is more beautiful and cohesive looking vs a brand with a mess of posts with no apparent consistency.


Attract ideal clients. When branding, it is important to choose elements that align with your brand and who your target market is - as these elements will appeal to your ideal audience by capturing their attention and drawing them in.


Recognizable and sharable content. People love sharing beautiful imagery/content and can share without giving proper credit. With branded content, it is instantly recognizable as yours through the design elements (logo, colours, fonts, etc.) even if proper credit isn’t given.


Visuals matter. Social media puts a strong emphasis on being visual. If you want clients to stop scrolling- being consistent with the branded style content you share will make you more recognizable in your clients’ feeds.